Q-Chan – Senior Portrait at Lake Garden

featured image-QChan-senior portrait lake garden

I consider myself lucky for having a sister that’s willing to become my model/lab rat/muse/assistant etc when it comes to anything photography. Q-chan has always been such a sport when it comes to taking photos, so this session was done just to have fun and have a go at senior photography.

For those unsure what senior photography is, it is a genre popular in the United States where portrait photographs of graduating high school or college students are taken to mark a significant turning point in their life. Usually its a half day session, with props or costumes, depending on the preference of both client and photographer however sometime with just a good background, lovely ambient light and going crazy by both sides are just what it takes for good senior photography session.

Although Q-Chan isn’t graduating from uni yet but we’re just giving it a go after weeks of gloomy rainy evenings. Originally, I wanted to test my newly acquired remote flash trigger, the Yong Nuo YN622c. However I could not get it to work by the time we got to the lake so natural light is all I have. Given the setting sun, it wasn’t too bad though.

These are some of the images made on that evening, all shot on Canon EOS 5D and EF 70-200 f2.8;

And thanks to Q-Chan’s friend, Anis for coming that evening and being such a sport to be shot in this frame!


And by the way, I managed to get the Yong Nuo YN622c to work right after we lost the last of the golden afternoon light. So, to further test the triggers, we continued the session at home afterwards and that will be in next post!