Maybank Malaysian Open 2014

MMO2014 - featured image templateIt has been a while since my first live golf tournament at the 2010 Sime Darby LGPA at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. Seeing Michelle Wie and Hee Young-park for the first time was unforgettable! So, last weekend, I packed light with only my battered EOS 5D and cheap grip, my EF70-200 2.8 (no strobe!) and Sirui Carbon Monopod and headed to the 2014 Maybank Malaysian Open at KLGCC in Bukit Kiara.

It was cloudy by the time I arrived and only about four matches left before their tee off time of the final round of the European Tour and Asian Tour co-sanctioned event. I managed to capture South African Louis Oosthuizen while practicing his putt. Excitement was probably overrated at the time as I snap some shots of him and including few other stars the like of Tom Lewis (ENG), Nicolas ‘Bomber’ Colsaerts (BEL) and the one everyone was waiting for, overnight leader Englishman Lee Westwood.


An avid golfer myself, this time I was prepared and have some idea what kind of shots I wanted to get. I was probably under-equipped given the circumstances but was very much happy with the shots that I could get. I was desperate to get the shots of player teeing off but would not risk of getting kicked out of the course with my rather short zoom.

I walked with the final group for a few holes before doubling back to the 10th to avoid the 5th where Pablo Larrazabal was stung by 20 hornets the previous day. I hung around the scenic 14th green watching Thaworn Wiratchant duffing his 2nd shot from the rough into the water and also seeing Francesco Molinari getting jeered at for not holing his putt (I get the not holing putt part but not the jeering *sigh*).

Lone figure Romain Wattel of France after his 3rd to the 18th as the rain pours. His caddy kinda borrowed my freebie Maybank umbrella as they didn't have any (I didn't get it back Mr Wattel!)

Lone figure Romain Wattel of France after his 3rd to the 18th as the rain pours. His caddy kinda borrowed my freebie Maybank umbrella as they didn’t have any (I didn’t get it back Mr Wattel!)

As the storm closing in, I hung out at the Public Deck between the 15th and 18th fairway and manage to see some great approachesĀ  at both 16th and 18th. And also my first witnessing live tournament shank shot by Malaysian amateur Gavin Green, with his ball severely sitting on downhill slope and sinking under the rough. Poor guy but he survived with final score of +1 for the tournament. Not too bad for an Amateur. Not too shabby at all.

Robert-Jan Derksen (NED) as he received ruling from marshal as he could not find approach to the 18th green from the 15th fairway. Now I know what to do if I slice my drive to the right!

Robert-Jan Derksen (NED) as he received ruling from marshal for a drop after could not finding approach to the 18th green from the 16th fairway due to obstruction. Now I know what to do if I slice my drive to the right!

And also watching Dutchman Robert-Jan Derksen searching for his ball on the 16th fairwary after what seems like his second shot heading right from the 18th fairway. I suppose that happens to all golfers and I felt more confident when hitting the tracks in coming weeks šŸ˜‰

I managedĀ  a shot of Spaniard Pablo Larrazabal as he happily strolls the 16th fairway. Given his experience during 5th hole of previous round being stung by 20 hornets he looks okay as he continue the stretch.

As play was suspended for 4 hours due to threat of lightning, I could not bear sitting for 2 hours and occasionally dozing/snoring off at the clubhouse so I dragged my weary butt back home comfortably on a Jaguar F-Type…all the way to the parking lot to my Ferrari Myvi hehehe (thank you for the hospitality to whomever responsible for the Jaguar ride!). Although I missed the good part of Westwood trumping the final 7 holes but I took quite a bit from my experience that day. Next time I will be better prepared and get the shots of my favorite players. Till next time, Sime Darby LPGA and CIMB Classic 2014 next! And not to forget hats off to Westwood for another win.

p/s: I still get to watch the final 7 holes at the comfort of my sofa courtesy of Golf Channel. Bless you GC for showing the delayed telecast later that day, bless you.

iQaeds photography and web design – Photography website with

iQaeds photography and web designHaving a website for photographer these days is probably as important as having a camera itself to photographs. It is the easiest way of showcasing images online, spread the word out with social media platform and gaining exposure. But having a professional looking and well designed web sites can prove to be a pain if one does not know where to start.

Back in my days circa 2000, building websites means authoring the pages with Microsoft FrontPage or thenĀ  Macromedia Dreamweaver. Next, upload the pages to web hosting service of choice like or Angelfire. There are a lot of things going on in between the web building software and the hosting provider and to those in the know, what happens if you could not find your index.html file. It’s just a lot of work. Even that is still a basic level web development.

And plus, if you don’t have graphic design background like me, choosing a theme color will take months, typography several more and by the time you have some sort of own logo, a year passed and you realize none of them jive with how you picture your dream site to be. And then start the whole process all over again to no end (I gave up shortly after and were without website for many years).

Fast forward to August 2013, I discovered while scouring the web for new ways of having my photography website designed and hosted. If previously you have used other blogging platforms like Blogspot (now Blogger) or Tumblr, WordPress is a no brainer. WordPress has all the basic tools ready for you to use and all it requires is reading the help and guide page if you are lost.

WordPress web platform helped transform the difficult technical and design aspect to basically a hassle free web design platform and user experience.Which means you build your site while you surf! How cool is that?

All you need is:

  • Decently spec-ed laptop or desktop PC
  • Web browser (take your pick from my recommended Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari)
  • Constant Internet connection
  • Visual imagination of how you want your site to look like
  • Read and read the Help section
  • and start cracking at designing your brand spanking new web site!

I began with imagining how my site would look like, picked a theme, post several pages and posts and done. Easy eh? I could have counted the number of mouse clicks but then again you get the point.

I didn’t stop there. Instead of having, I went with WordPress’ Domain Upgrade and got my own .com domain. More on this on future post.

In case you have been wondering, yeah after 13 years, I figured out a bit sense of design and typography. But in getting this site done, WordPress and the FontFolio theme helped a lot. Now I can concentrate on posting stuff that interest me for all of you to read. Heck I don’t even know if HTML is still in use or not simply because I don’t see it anywhere while ‘building’ my site.

Why I didn’t pay a web designer you ask? Where’s the fun in that? Simply because,I like to explore these kind of life option myself and learn for my own satisfaction. At least with this kind of platform, I have full control and simply put, it works with my idea of how I want my website to be at several mouse clicks. Pain free, in my book at least.

To summarize, why I like WordPress:

  • All-in-one design and hosting platform
  • Easy to use with plenty of tips and tricks
  • Easy registration and access to the web based platform. Social networking sites aficionados will appreciate this
  • Tons of free and paid Themes. ‘Designing’ your first professional looking site has never been more easier!
  • Easy access to upgrades like domain registration and ads removal

There could be more of the features I missed out but basically those what helped me with my decision to have my first photography blog site here at WordPress. WordPress is a lot of things. Easy to use is definitely one of them.

I am planningĀ  to write a mini series of posts on developing a web site using web platform. So keep checking back for more interesting stuff here!

Best of – portraiture photography

Photographing people has been one of my favorite genre for a while now. If I am not photographing an event a la reportage style, I love having portraits photo session with my clients, going through the fun of planning for shots, choosing location and just simply letting loose during the session.

I love photographing with natural lights at beautiful outdoorsy locations in Klang Valley and its surrounding sites.

If you have a favorite location that you want your portraits taken be it solo or with your loved ones, hit the Contact page and keep in touch!

Event & Travel photography

As I love to travel, I try to capture as much photographs of the beautiful events, places, people and landscapes that I have witnessed over the years. It serves as beautiful memories to remind all of us, what a wonderful world we live in.

If you like me to capture your special day be it concert or convocation, baby showers & birthdays (I love birthdays!) and plus corporate events please keep in touch via the Contact link above or leave a comment below.