Since the last post, I have played around with some flashgun setup that featured image-QChan tudungs portrait makeshift studiocan used as our makeshift studio at home.

With some umbrella and softbox we continued making some more images of Qchan and her tudungs that she makes herself. Lately she has been making quite few good looking ones and I decided to photograph Qchan modelling them. As always, Qchan is more than up for it.

We experimented with one Canon 580Ex as key light and use the white umbrella as reflector instead of shoot thru setup. For some reason, Qchan prefers the natural shadow falloff  instead of bright white background. So we got the same light setup as the last shoot.

Qchan made quite a number of tudungs so she took turn styling them all.

Due to the small flash low output, I limit the shots to only headshot. Besides, we were focusing on displaying the tudungs so I guess its ok.

If you noticed, some of the shots have different skin tones. This is because in some of the shots, I placed a silver reflector and that made Qchan looked a little fairer.

Do you like the shots? Please leave comments below!


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