Tudungs Galore in Makeshift Studio

Since the last post, I have played around with some flashgun setup that featured image-QChan tudungs portrait makeshift studiocan used as our makeshift studio at home.

With some umbrella and softbox we continued making some more images of Qchan and her tudungs that she makes herself. Lately she has been making quite few good looking ones and I decided to photograph Qchan modelling them. As always, Qchan is more than up for it.

We experimented with one Canon 580Ex as key light and use the white umbrella as reflector instead of shoot thru setup. For some reason, Qchan prefers the natural shadow falloff  instead of bright white background. So we got the same light setup as the last shoot.

Qchan made quite a number of tudungs so she took turn styling them all.

Due to the small flash low output, I limit the shots to only headshot. Besides, we were focusing on displaying the tudungs so I guess its ok.

If you noticed, some of the shots have different skin tones. This is because in some of the shots, I placed a silver reflector and that made Qchan looked a little fairer.

Do you like the shots? Please leave comments below!


Qchan’s Portraits in Makeshift Studio

In previous post, myself and Qchan went to the lake nearbyfeatured image-QChan portrait makeshift studio
our place for a quick senior portrait session.

I wanted to test my newly acquired remote flash trigger, the Yong Nuo YN622c during the session but being new piece of equipment and lacking usage time with it, I could not get it to work when I wanted it to. All the eTTL flash fired were overexposed and I knew something was wrong but I had no time to troubleshoot due to the fast fading sunset.

But as soon as we lost the last ray of golden light, I tried seating the trigger unit to seat and its locking ring tighten properly. It turns out, the unit on my camera hotshoe was not seated properly and with a slight push and a satisfying *Click* , I fired a quick shot and the flash exposed properly.

Once we got home, I quickly set-up the one light that I have, a Canon 580EX with a shoot thru umbrella on a lightstand and the YN622c as remote receiver. One light is all I have and these are the results. And all these done in our living room.

iqaeds-photography-portrait-studio-offcamera-lighting-15Being just one light and shoot thru umbrella, the result is pretty dramatic, with the grey falloff background and the high contrast ratio. The light ratio is certainly not flattering like those glamor fashion shots but with some of Qchan’s poses, it just worked for us.

Depending on how the light hit Qchan’s face, the portrait could be somewhat moody or cheerful at times. Since there’s no modelling light, I can only chimp my result on screen to see if it works.


My favorite shot of the session!

Once we had tried with the shoot thru umbrella, I played around with the setup a bit and adjusted to have the light bouncing off the umbrella instead. This brought out a more bigger swath of light, at the expense of flash juice of course and slow recycling time but gave a more flattering look to the shot ( with the help of little retouching here and there too in Adobe Lightroom).


Light bouncing off white umbrella. The background is slightly brighter too from the bouncing light from our white ceiling.

From there, I fooled around in Adobe Photoshop and got the below;

Qila-Teen Vogue copy

For the record Teen Vogue, this is just messing around and not for real

Interesting when we get the flash off the camera eh? Hope you like the shots!


Q-Chan – Senior Portrait at Lake Garden

featured image-QChan-senior portrait lake garden

I consider myself lucky for having a sister that’s willing to become my model/lab rat/muse/assistant etc when it comes to anything photography. Q-chan has always been such a sport when it comes to taking photos, so this session was done just to have fun and have a go at senior photography.

For those unsure what senior photography is, it is a genre popular in the United States where portrait photographs of graduating high school or college students are taken to mark a significant turning point in their life. Usually its a half day session, with props or costumes, depending on the preference of both client and photographer however sometime with just a good background, lovely ambient light and going crazy by both sides are just what it takes for good senior photography session.

Although Q-Chan isn’t graduating from uni yet but we’re just giving it a go after weeks of gloomy rainy evenings. Originally, I wanted to test my newly acquired remote flash trigger, the Yong Nuo YN622c. However I could not get it to work by the time we got to the lake so natural light is all I have. Given the setting sun, it wasn’t too bad though.

These are some of the images made on that evening, all shot on Canon EOS 5D and EF 70-200 f2.8;

And thanks to Q-Chan’s friend, Anis for coming that evening and being such a sport to be shot in this frame!


And by the way, I managed to get the Yong Nuo YN622c to work right after we lost the last of the golden afternoon light. So, to further test the triggers, we continued the session at home afterwards and that will be in next post!