Best of – portraiture photography

Photographing people has been one of my favorite genre for a while now. If I am not photographing an event a la reportage style, I love having portraits photo session with my clients, going through the fun of planning for shots, choosing location and just simply letting loose during the session.

I love photographing with natural lights at beautiful outdoorsy locations in Klang Valley and its surrounding sites.

If you have a favorite location that you want your portraits taken be it solo or with your loved ones, hit the Contact page and keep in touch!


Event & Travel photography

As I love to travel, I try to capture as much photographs of the beautiful events, places, people and landscapes that I have witnessed over the years. It serves as beautiful memories to remind all of us, what a wonderful world we live in.

If you like me to capture your special day be it concert or convocation, baby showers & birthdays (I love birthdays!) and plus corporate events please keep in touch via the Contact link above or leave a comment below.